Charlie "The Dwarf" Gimby II

A paradoxically easy-going short man. Wanted for the murder of his father, which he did not commit.


Ten years ago, Charlie II’s father was murdered while defending his household. Charlie I was crushed by a giant mechanical bear.

Charlie II did not know why a giant mechanical bear was attacking his father. The bear was forcefully recruiting Charlie I for a Reckoner repair facility. The Gimby family was known for their mechanical engineering prowess.

The next morning the officials conducted an investigation in the Gimbys’ house. They were incredibly skeptical of Charlie II’s mechanical bear story and apprehended him. He escaped jail the day before his hanging and had a country-wide $5000 bounty on him.

He has a club made out of Bad Duke’s right arm and mechanical right arm. He acquired them from his previous employer, Sherrif Stryder.

Charlie’s goal is to one day rid of giant mechanical bears—except for one, which he will mount.

Charlie "The Dwarf" Gimby II

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